How an Oklahoma City Plumber Turned Around his Business with SEO

When I was playing ball in the yard the other day, the sprinkler system came on, and one of my friends tripped over it and broke the pipe that was holding it on. After shutting the water to the system off, I had to call a plumber. The funny thing about this is that I found a plumber on the first page of Google, which is where I look for most of the services I need, but he told me a story about how he got there. Here is the story of how my plumber was frustrated as told by an Oklahoma City SEO Firm Tangible Vagaries.plumber-needed

When we met Mr. Frustrated Plumber, he was frustrated indeed. He had been paying $49 every month for top rankings in search engines like Google, but he could not see any results. His website was hard to find, and he barely had any customers. He decided to stop paying for rankings, but there was no improvement. SEO is one of the aspects of internet marketing that requires commitment and effort. Shortcuts like using many URLs hoping that users will find them rarely work. Search engines mimic human behavior when evaluating content. Humans will not read duplicate pages. Mr. Frustrated Plumber was shocked to hear all these things. They were new to him. We decided to take him on a journey where he could understand SEO, and how it could help his business.

Long-tail keywords

Mr. Frustrated Plumber already knew that he needed keywords for his website and web pages to rank. He was not aware of long-tail keywords, though. We told him that he could include the location of his business in his keywords, for instance, ‘plumbing services in Oklahoma City, OK‘. Changing the words could help his website rank higher when compared to ‘plumbing services’. His face lit up.

Valuable content

In addition to using long-tail keywords, we explained to Mr. Frustrated Plumber, who had become more hopeful by now, the importance of having useful and valuable content on his website. We told him that he needed to create content focused around topics. The content also needs to incorporate long-tail keywords. Such content will result in more traffic, which is of even better quality. When the visitors get to your site, it becomes even better for them when the content is satisfying their need. This way, you not only build your brand but also drive the visitors down the sales funnel. You are one step closer to getting them to hire your plumbing services.


These are links directed towards a website. They affect a site’s ranking in search engine results. They are also great for directing visitors to a site. “So, all I need is links from other favorite websites?” Mr. Frustrated Plumber asked, excited. “No.” The smile on his face disappeared. We continued to advise. The backlinks need to be numerous, relevant and from reputable sites.broken-pipe

Anchor text

Anchor text is related to backlinks. Links need to incorporate keywords into the hyperlink text if they are to be considered high-quality anchor text. You need to monitor the sites that link back to you. Do they use anchor text effectively? If they do not, you could request them to get the anchor text right. Your visitors will easily find your website, and it will also rank well on search engines. Including complete domain names is also another way to use anchor text with links for SEO. Users do use brand names and URLs when linking to other websites. At this point, Mr. Plumber was confused. The SEO lingo was getting him all mixed up. We assured him that it was nothing complicated, but we would incorporate it into his SEO techniques.

All in All

We concluded by making him understand why it was important to keep doing SEO. There are several factors here: link degradation, competitors, the publishing of new pages, outdated content, and changing search engine algorithms. At the end of the session, Mr. Plumber was a bit hopeful. We helped him implement all the above strategies of SEO and today, two years later, Mr. Successful Plumber can tell you the importance of Internet marketing. His websites rank high on search engines, and his customers have doubled. The good thing is that he was able to fix my sprinkler system, and everything is good on my end too!

Here is a video, perhaps next time I can just do it myself…although I am not a tool guy.